Lemon Cypress Topiary in White Wash Pot 6 Inch

Lemon Cypress Topiary in White Wash Pot 6 Inch

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Lemon Cypress Topiary.


Caution: Not for human consumption. Please use saucer to protect furniture and flooring.Not Applicable


Vol US 113. Vol Metric 1851 cu cm. Lemon Cypress - Cupressus macrocarpa Goldcrest. Native to California's Monterey Peninsula, this fast-growing, lemon-scented plant has multiple uses in the home, patio, and landscape. It will keep its conical shape until 30 feet tall. Smell me!

Size: up to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Planting Guide: in the garden, plant in well-drained soil in early spring before the heat of summer, or plant in early fall. Prune if needed for hedges or to keep smaller. For container growing, transplant to a large pot to allow for growth and easier water management. Light: partial shade in hot areas. Full sun in moderate coastal zones. Temperature: 0 degrees F to 105 degrees F. USDA Zones 7-10. Water: keep well watered but not soggy. Can dry quickly in the pot. Be careful to avoid excessive drying to plant may not recover. Feeding: during spring and summer growth, feed with a balanced fertilizer.


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