Italian Heather 'Erica Ventricosa' 6 Inch

Italian Heather 'Erica Ventricosa' 6 Inch

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Italian Heather.


Caution: Not for human consumption. Please use saucer to protect furniture and flooring.Not Applicable


Vol US 113 cu inch, Vol metric 1851 cu cm. Native to South Africa, this showy plant refers everything in moderation. It was popular as a potted plant during the nineteenth century in England. Flowers during May.

Size: 1-1/2 ft - 3-1/2 ft. Spreads 20 inch - 30 inch. Planting Guide: Plant outdoors in the garden in Zones 10-11 or display indoors. In climates unsuitable for planting in the garden, it can be grown in a container and moved to avoid harsh hot or cold conditions. Light: Full sun in moderate coastal climates. Partial sun in warmer climates. Temperature: 55 degrees F to 80 degrees F but will tolerate down to 30 degrees F. This plant is considered a perennial in modern climates only. Water: Excellent drainage and acid soil. Heavy clay soil is usually fatal. No standing water on roots. Avoid drying in pots. Feeding: Give light feeding of acid plant food in early spring.


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