Mandevilla Trellis 10 Inch

Mandevilla Trellis 10 Inch

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Plant Mandevilla Trellis 10 Inches.


Everbloom Growers Plant Mandevilla Trellis 10 Inches, Not Packed. Mandevilla sp. Bring the tropics home. 4-8 hours of daily sun. Consistently moist soil. Grows to 6 feet tall. Hardy to 40°F. Blooms spring to fall. Printed in USA.

Helpful Hint: Shield from winter wind. Prune back in spring. Planting Instructions: Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball. Place in hole, top of root ball level with soil. Refill the hole with dirt and water well after planting in order to eliminate air pockets. Fertilize regularly in order to reach optimum growth and flowering.


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