Garden State Bulb Company Minerva Amaryllis Bulb Kit

Garden State Bulb Company Minerva Amaryllis Bulb Kit

1 ct pkg


Garden State Bulb Company Minerva Amaryllis Bulb Kit. 1 Minerva amaryllis bulb. Inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Grown in Peru from cultivated stock. Assembled in the U.S.A. Questions or comments? [email protected]

Easy to plant instructions: 1. Rehydrate planting disk according to instructions provided on disk. 2. Fill the bottom 2/3 of the pot with growing medium and place the amaryllis bulb with roots down in the pot. 3. Add additional growing medium around the bulb to secure. Ensure 1/3 of the bulb remains exposed above the surface. 4. Keep the planter at a maximum temperature of 65-70°F in a bright room where the bulb can flower. 5. Keep the growing medium moist, not wet, increase watering frequency after the flower stalk(s) and leaves appear. 6. When the flowers bloom, keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the flowering period. Tip – As the stem(s) grow, change the direction of the planter occasionally to keep the stems from leaning towards the light. It may be necessary to support the stems and flowers so the plant will not topple. Protect all surfaces from product as condensation, staining or scratching may occur. Store in a cool dry place until planting. Plant as soon as possible after purchase.


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