Burpee Vegetable Sugar Snap Peas Seeds

Burpee Vegetable Sugar Snap Peas Seeds

1 pkt


Enclosed seeds are for planting purposes only and are not for human consumption.


Burpee® Sugar Snap Peas Seeds. Vegetable. 21 g. Full sun (6+ hours). 70 Days to harvest. Depth: 1". Thin: 6". The original snap pea. Delicious round pods can be eaten whole when pods become fleshy or shelled for green peas when peas are mature and visible. Origin: USA. Visit: www.burpee.com. ©2018 All rights reserved.

Sow in average soil in full sun in early spring for first crop, in late summer for fall crop. Sow seeds 2" apart in double rows spaced 6" apart with 24" between each set of rows. Cover with 1" of fine soil. Seedlings emerge in 7-10 days. Thin to stand 4-6" apart when seedlings are 1-2" high.


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