GIANT Floral

GIANT Floral

1 ea


Ahold™ Plant, Upgrade, $19.99, Not Packed.

Cut Flowers: To avoid rotting leaves in vase which could lead to odor, remove from stem any leaves that will be below water line in vase. Daily, re-cut stems under water with a clean sharp knife or shears. Replace water each time you re-cut stems. Dissolve floral preservative in clean water. Flower Arrangement: Check water level immediately upon arrival and add warm water and floral preservative as needed. Always keep foam saturated. Plant: Water thoroughly, making sure to drain excess water. Allow soil surface to dry between waterings. Avoid direct sunlight; prefers bright, but diffused sun exposure. The less light, the less water your plant will need. Place dish under plant to protect furniture from water seepage. Place in a cool location, away from direct sunlight. Prefers a warm location; avoid overly hot or cold areas.


Ahold USA, Inc.