Flow Spring Water Alkaline 100% Natural Brick

Flow Spring Water Alkaline 100% Natural Brick

33.8 oz ctn

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2.0 cups
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40mg 4
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Natural Spring Water.

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100% naturally alkaline spring water. Analysis (ppm): Mg:32, Ca:70, K:2, Na:1.77, No3-N: less than 0.005, CI:4.06, As:0, Cu:0, F:.07, Pb:0, Zn:0, HCO3:300, So4:5.5. Alkaline water at the source. pH 8.1. With naturally occurring electrolytes, essential minerals and an alkaline ph of 8.1. Natural electrolytes & minerals. TDS = 319 mg/L. 0.07 ppm Naturally occurring fluoride. Why Flow? Naturally Alkaline: Sourced from our artesian spring, Flow naturally collects electrolytes and essential minerals giving it an alkaline pH of 8.1, and that smooth, delicious taste. Mindful Hydration: We believe in the power of mindful hydration. From our unique source and how we protect it, to our sustainable packaging and transparent business practices. All choices have a ripple effect. And the water you choose to gulp is as important as the food you eat. So why eat organic and drink conventional? Instagram. (at)flow. For water quality and package renewability info call 1-844-356-9426 or visit flowhydration.com. Certified B Corporation. 100% Recyclable +68 renewable. FSC: Mix - board. Recyclable only where facilities exist. recyclecartons.com. Sustainability: No more plastic bottles. Our pack is made with a plant-based cap, +68% renewable materials, all responsibly-sourced. Flow packs are 100% recyclable, designed to have a low carbon footprint.

Country of Origin

Made In USA. Product Of USA. Spring: Augusta Country,Made In USA. Product Of USA. Spring: Augusta County,USA,Virginia


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