Fiji Artesian Water Natural

Fiji Artesian Water Natural

1 ltr btl

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Typical Analysis for Taste: (Natural electrolytes and minerals give FLR water its soft, smooth taste) Silica: 93 mg/l; calcium 18 mg/l; magnesium 15 mg/l; pH 7.7; bicarbonates 152 mg/l; total dissolved solids 222 mg/l. From the islands of fiji. Earth's finest water. For water quality and information: (Natural electrolyes and minerals give FLR water its soft, smooth taste). 1.877.426.3454. The Fiji Water Foundation: The Fiji water foundation was created in 2007 with two goals; first, to support the communities where we live and work; second, to preserve Fiji's natural beauty. Since then, we've funded initiatives that include providing clean water and health care access to local communities, building educational facilities, and helping preserve the Sovi Basin rain forest. Please recycle. BPA free.

Country of Origin

Bottled At Source. Source: Yagara,Bottled By: Natural Waters Of VIti Pte Ltd. 1 Naseyani Rd. Yagara,Fiji,Fiji Islands,Fiji Product Of Fiji.,Viti Levu


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