Ito En Matcha Green Tea Traditional Tea Bags

Ito En Matcha Green Tea Traditional Tea Bags

20 ct box


Green Teas, Matcha (Green Tea Powder).


Ito En Matcha Green Tea Traditional Tea Bags. Authentic Japanese style. Net Wt 1.05 oz (30 g). Matcha is the treasured powdered green tea traditionally used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony-Chado. The vibrant green tea is finely milled from high quality tea leaves. Matcha is made using the entire tea leaf, providing the vitality and full health benefits of green tea. Exceptionally rich in nutrients, vitamin C and "catechin" antioxidants, Matcha is revered for its distinct "umami" taste, the fifth sensory taste celebrated for its savory and subtlety sweet finish. In the tradition of Chado, the host entertains the guests with deliciously prepared tea. This act of hospitality is called "Omotenashi". We hope you will enjoy Matcha Green Tea produced with the same spirit of hospitality by ITO EN, Japan's foremost purveyors of green tea. Our special pyramid filter tea bags allow for optimal water flow to release the full flavor characteristics and aroma of Matcha Green Tea into your tea cup. Matcha Green Tea is considered Japan's most classic and popular beverage. Natural with no added colors or flavorings, this premium green tea features a beautiful aroma and mellow, yet bold taste. The unique blend of matcha and whole tea leaves gives a rich and vibrant green infusion like no other. This carton was made from more than 80% post-consumer recycled materials.

Store in cool, dry place. Brewing instructions: Hot- Place the tea bag into your cup. Pour hot water 80°C (170°F) over the tea bag. Be sure the temperature is not boiling. Steep for 30 seconds, lightly shaking the tea bag 3-4 times for desired strength. Remove and enjoy! Cold- Place the tea bag in a 6-8 oz. glass of cold water and steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove and add ice if desired.

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