CO Dark Blend Specialty Coffee (Whole Bean)

CO Dark Blend Specialty Coffee (Whole Bean)

12 oz pkg


A rich brew with hints of dark chocolate. Owned with farmers. In 2007, we launched One Village Coffee to connect roasters, growers, and you (our faithful coffee drinker) through great coffee and a dedication to making an impact - together. In 2018, we took a step forward and merged with Shared-X, an Impact Farming company. Shared-X's mission is to increase smallholder farmer income through innovation and access to markets. CO highlights specialty coffee from shared-x and communicates our common goal of COllaboration and COmmunity. This CO-owned approach allows for higher incomes within the grower communities and directly connects you to the inspirational people that grow this coffee. Thanks for making a difference with us! You are now a part of One Village - a community of people working together to better themselves and those around them. Let's (hashtag)COtogether. Specialty coffee grown by Shared-X means: Higher incomes for farmers & their communities; Increased quality from innovative farming techniques. Open bag. Brew your way. Enjoy! That's the right idea. Bottoms up! (hashtag)cotogether. (at)1villagecoffee. Certified B Corporation. Shared-x impact farming.