Cameron's 100% Colombian Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

Cameron's 100% Colombian Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

10 oz bag

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100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee (the Top 10% Of Beans In The World).


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Balanced & creamy. Allergen free. Gluten free. Specialty coffee. Big & bright. Only 100% certified specialty grade Arabica coffee. Top 10% of beans in the world. Sustainably sourced. Handcrafted & small batch roasted. Brew it big. Brew it bright. We're Cameron's coffee, and we get it: the more satisfying your sips, the more delightful your days. That's why we see the world as a mug-half-full kind of place - with the next enchanting roast to entice your senses and brighten the color of your day. Roasted with small town heart in Shakopee, Minnesota, we bring you straight-up full-flavor coffee that's always smooth and never bitter. You must be tired. Other side, friend. Be good to yourself. Visit for detailed coffee profiles, brewing tips and more.

The Perfect Cup: 1-2 tbsp + 6 oz = magic. Use 1-2 tbsp ground coffee for every 6 oz of cold, fresh water. Adjust to taste. Brew at 200 degrees F for best results. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.