Peet's Coffee Alameda Morning Blend Med Roast (Ground)

Peet's Coffee Alameda Morning Blend Med Roast (Ground)

10.5 oz bag

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USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Sweet caramel notes & floral aromatics. Organic Alameda Morning Blend. Not your average morning blend. Ethiopia for aroma - floral and citric. Sumatra for body - heavy and earthy. Colombia for acidity - lively and sweet. Honduras for flavor - cocoa and dulce de leche. Organically sourced from around the world. Our story. When Alfred Peet opened his first shop in Berkeley, CA in 1966, he quietly ignited a revolution that forever changed the expectations of American coffee drinkers. Today, we follow his example, using only the world's finest coffees and still roasting each batch by hand to achieve the richest, most flavorful cup. Incomparable organics. To be considered by Peet's, an organic coffee must not only pass USDA organic certification; it must meet our own exacting standards for quality and taste. Our deep commitment to the cup always means coffees of exceptional flavor, including the finest organic coffee you can brew. Obsessed with Fresh: Freshly roasted coffee means a more flavorful cup. We print the roast date on each and every bag and deliver directly to stores, so you can enjoy the freshest coffee possible.

Brewing Tips: Use cold, filtered water. Measure 2 tablespoons (10g) of ground coffee for each 6oz water (one cup on your coffee brewer). Enjoy within 30 minutes.

Country of Origin

California,Medium Roasted In Alameda


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