Maxwell House Half Caff Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

Maxwell House Half Caff Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

11 oz can

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A Blend Of Regular And Decaffeinated Coffee.


1/2 the caffeine (Of original Maxwell House coffee). Good to the last drop. Makes up to 90 fl oz cups. Good to the last drop. Every time. Our original roast was first served to the guests of the Maxwell House Hotel in 1892. The guests loved it so much that the hotel ran out after a few days and had to return to its usual brand. After patrons complained, Maxwell House became the only coffee served at the hotel. That's how we got our name, and our coffee has been good to the last drop ever since. Facebook. Like us on Facebook: Learn more at: or call us at: 1-800-432-6333.

Brewing Instructions: Maxwell House Coffee (1 Tbsp) servings: 1; Maxwell House Coffee (1/2 cup) servings: 10. 1 serving of water is 6 fl oz (3/4 cup). Makes 80 - 90 suggested strength servings. We recommend using the chart above and fresh, cold water. Best before date on bottom.

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Kraft Heinz Foods