Folgers Coffee House Blend Med-Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)

Folgers Coffee House Blend Med-Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)

25.4 oz can

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Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend Medium Ground Coffee. Makes up to 210 6 fl oz cups. Mountain Grown®. Perfect for French press & cold brew. Smooth & distinct. AromaSeal™. Coffeehouse blend is a distinct and flavorful blend that was crafted to deliver a great taste in a variety of brewing methods. For alternate brewing methods, visit 100% pure coffee. For traditional coffee makers. Canisters are recyclable where programs for this package exist. Questions? 1-800-937-9745. ©/®The Folger Coffee Company.

For best brewing results, we recommend: Cold water: 1 serving (6 fl oz) - Folgers® coffee: 1 tablespoon. Cold water: 10 servings - Folgers® coffee: 1/2 measuring cup. Refrigerate after opening to help preserve flavor and aroma. This canister makes up to 210 suggested strength 6 fl oz servings.


The Folger Coffee Company


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