Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso Coffee (Whole Bean)

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso Coffee (Whole Bean)

12 oz bag


Dark chocolate, cherry & brown sugar. Direct trade. Great coffee is not the result of chance. Extraordinary coffee is our tireless pursuit. To discover and foster the best coffees, we travel year-round to farms across the globe. We collaborate directly with farmers, sharing knowledge and creating enduring partnerships. Through collaboration & creativity, we expand economic opportunity and culinary possibility, bringing you the best coffess imaginable. The Black Cat Project is the pursuit of espresso perfection. Our Black Cat espressos - classic, analog. Organic and decaf - push the boundaries of flavor. Our seasonal espresso blends have remarkably distinct flavor profiles. To learn more about how we source, roast & brew our coffees, visit

Tips: Grind immediately before brewing; use filtered water. Choose Brew Method: Grind fresh; 18 g dose 45 g yield; 1 g coffee per 18 g water. Enjoy. Store coffee in a cool dry place.

Country of Origin

A Blend Of Coffees From Brazil,Colombia