Betty Crocker Decorating Tips

Betty Crocker Decorating Tips

8 ct pkg


No. 3 Tip: Lettering, dots, line. No. 5 Tip: Outlines, dots, beads, balls. No. 352 Tip: Leaves, borders, ruffles. No. 12 Tip: Dots, beads, balls. No. 233 Tip: Grass, hair. No. 47 Tip: Basket weave, borders. No. 21 Tip: Stars, Shells, borders. Use with Betty Crocker decorating icing. Consumer Inquiries: 1-877-726-8793.

Look inside for instructions & practice board. Simple attach these tips to any Betty Crocker Decorating Icing (not for use with cookie icing) to easily create delicious desserts! Hand wash only with warm soapy water before first use and after each use.

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Made In USA.


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