Nuby Grooming Comb & Brush

Nuby Grooming Comb & Brush

1 ct pkg


Warning: Always use this product with adult supervision. To avoid possible injury, do not allow child to walk or run with comb or brush. Never leave a child unattended while using this or any other infant product as it is not intended for use by children. Please retain these instructions for future reference.


Soft gentle. 1. Soft and gentle to baby’s tender scalp. 2. Soft grip handle on comb & brush. 3. Comfortable for an adult to use but sized for infant’s needs. This Comb and Brush set by Nuby is designed especially for baby. The nylon bristles of the brush are soft and gentle to baby's tender scalp. Both the brush and comb are sized for baby's needs, but are comfortable for an adult to use. Facebook: NubyUSA. Twitter: (at)NubyUSA. Deaf Children's Lliteracy Project: This purchase will help support deaf children's literacy project. BPA free, tested to 1 part per million.

Cleaning: Hand wash with warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly.

Country of Origin

China,Designed By Luv N' Care In The USA. Made In China.


Luv N' Care, Ltd.