Reflo Smart Cup Green

Reflo Smart Cup Green

1 ct pkg


Reflo™ Smart Cup Green. #1 Training cup in the world. Easy cup training without the mess. 6 Mos & up. Doctor Recommended: You and your child will love your new Reflo Smart Cup! An excellent way to learn how to use an open cup without worrying about big spills and messes. They're splash proof too, making them perfect for traveling in the car, stroller or walking around. It's as natural as using any regular cup and works the same at all 360°, no buttons, valves or sucking needed. Kids love the "grown up" style. They'll want to use their "big kid" cup all the time! BPA & Phthalate free; safe and easy to use. Dishwasher safe. Holds up to 6 ounces of pulp free beverage. Reflo Smart Cups are the smart alternative to "sippy" cups which have been associated with speech and dental issues in children. Not recommended for throwers. Tips and Features: Should not be used for hot liquids or for drinks containing pulp or thickeners. BPA and phthalate free and has no valves or moving parts to trap germs, gunk and debris. Has all translucent components so it's easy to see contents for training, safety and convenience. -Does not pose the speech and dental risks that are associated with "sippy" cups. Splash resistant when shaken, making it well-suited for cup holders on strollers and in the car. Not spill proof when tipped or dropped, like any regular cup, although spills are much slower. Designed for parents concerned about providing their children with a safer, smarter way to learn how to drink from an open-rimmed cup. -Not for throwers, cups may crack if thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces such as tile floors. Guarantee. You may also contact us by mail at: Reflo Ltd. Your Reflo Smart Cup is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects. Should a defect be found, please contact us online at for a free product replacement.

Be sure to wash your new cup and Reflo insert before using. How to assemble and use: 1. Add up to six ounces of pulp-free beverage to the cup before putting insert in place. 2. Place the Reflo insert evenly into the cup with handle facing up. 3. Apply firm pressure to the insert to form a secure friction fit between cup and Reflo insert. 4. You're ready to use your new Reflo cup. Your child can drink from any portion of the rim just like any regular drinking cup but with the added benefit of flow control. 5. To remove the insert, simply twist and pull out. Care and handling Instructions: Dishwasher safe, top rack only, normal cycle, do not use heated drying. Do not boil or expose to high heat. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning methods. Do not store in direct sunlight.

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