Munchkin Reinforced Bite Proof Trainer 7 oz

Munchkin Reinforced Bite Proof Trainer 7 oz

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CAUTION: Do Not Microwave Or Use With Hot Liquids. Inspect Before Use. Discard And Replace At First Sign Of Damage. Do Not Let Child Walk Or Run While Carrying The Cup. Do Not Allow Child To Chew On Spout. More Instructions Enclosed.


Munchkin® Reinforced Bite Proof Color Band™. Trainer™. BPA free™. 6+ months. 7 oz 207ml. Product and design are TM &, the click lock logo, the biteproof logo, the heart logo and it's the little things are trademarks or registered trademarks of munchkin, inc. Munchkin baby canada ltd., 50 precidio ct., unit a, brampton, on L6s 6E3. Australia, CNP brands, PO box 8 deer park VIC 3023, 1-300-667-137. Patent: and other int'l patents pending. ©2015 Munchkin, Inc.

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