Fresh Stories

Learn more about the ways GIANT FOOD STORES is focusing on bringing you the freshest ingredients!

Taylor Farms
Our ready-to-cook deli dinners are prepared by hand with fresh, high quality, never frozen ingredients to give you real, homemade taste and quality.
Spiral Cut Ham
Not all ham is created equal. Ours are cured with real honey then glazed with delicious brown sugar and spices. The perfect addition to your holiday meal.
Dan Schantz Flowers
When you give someone a beautiful flower, their response is priceless. Carrying only the finest spring flowers grown on nearby family farms, we pride ourselves on the quality of every flower sold in our stores.
Vermont Creamery
Did you know some of the best French style goat cheeses are made in Vermont? Learn how passionate farmers are producing high quality products that you can enjoy every day from your local Giant.
Columbus Meats
In 1917 two Italian immigrants moved to San Francisco to start a better life. Learn how they used the city’s famous fog to create Italian charcuterie and how that process hasn’t changed in over 100 years.
David's Cookies
The secret to our hand-crafted cinnamon rolls from the bakery is a sweet filling made from premium cinnamon and brown sugar.
Kerrygold Butter and Cheese
Healthy milk comes from healthy cows. Learn how skilled farmers in Ireland spend their lives producing high quality milk for Kerrygold butter and cheese.
Tribeca Ovens
Learn about the passion and quality ingredients that go into creating the Nature’s Promise Breads available exclusively in our Bakery.
Sabra Chickpeas
Ever wonder where great hummus comes from? Learn about the many family farms that are producing high-quality chickpeas to be made into your favorite hummus products!
Scallops from Cape May, NJ
Cape May, NJ is one of the largest scallop producing ports on the east coast. Learn how we provide a fresher, more sustainable product that can be enjoyed straight from your store.
Blount Fine Foods
Learn about the quality ingredients and passion that go into creating the Nature’s Promise soups available exclusively in our Deli.