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A message about overbuying in uncertain times.

Suppliers, retailers, non-profits, and you – now is the time for all of us to come together and make sure we’re taking care of each other. The biggest thing each of us can do right now is shop mindfully, only taking what we need now and leaving more for our neighbors. Those who provide food to the most vulnerable member of our communities, like kids and seniors, face a challenge even during normal times. Now, those challenges are unprecedented. Let’s all work together to shop normally, avoid overbuying, and helping leave #MoreForAll.

New Store Hours for Customers 60+ Only

Now, more than ever, it’s vital we come together as a community to support each other during these astonishing times. Part of that is listening, showing compassion, and demonstrating care for some of our neighbors who are most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. As such, we wanted to update you on some measures we’re taking to better support you and your families during this time.

Beginning Thursday, March 19, all GIANT stores will open to service only customers who are age 60 and over first from 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. daily. During this time, community members in this age category can avoid crowded shopping to allow for better social distancing. Although we will not be requesting ID for entry, we ask that you please respect the purpose of the early opening – and do the right thing for your neighbors. Store team members do reserve the right to ask customers to leave if they are not a member of this age group.

We are also adjusting our overall hours to 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. to enable our team members to spend more time sanitizing, unloading deliveries and stocking shelves. Rest assured that our stores receive deliveries throughout the day, so our shelves will be replenished for shoppers at all hours. GIANT is also placing a limit of “two” on key categories throughout the store–including paper goods and disinfectant products–so everyone can have access to the items they need.

GIANT Direct will remain available to all customers as well. With our “Contactless” delivery option, we’ll notify you by text or email when the driver arrives, and they will practice social distancing to keep you and your family safe.

Finally, GIANT Company is actively hiring temporary and part-time team members across our organization. Immediate positions as service associates, cashiers, general stock clerks, drivers and fulfillment center selectors are available. Those interested can apply online at the GIANT website or speak with any store manager.

Candidly, the current demand for groceries is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in our 97-year history. However, during this extraordinary time, you can depend on GIANT.

Stay safe and healthy,

Nicholas Bertram
President, The GIANT Company

A Message for our GIANT Direct Customers

Your family is very important to us, and we're working hard to make sure you have access to a full selection of quality groceries at all times. Overall demand is extremely high right now, and as a result, you may encounter the following when placing an online GIANT Direct order:

  • There may be limited time slot availability for delivery and/or pickup, and some orders may be delayed. We will alert you if we need to extend the time needed to fill your order.
  • Some products are out of stock for a limited time and some are currently unavailable from our suppliers.
  • Due to unprecedented demand that has led to out of stocks, we regret we must temporarily suspend product substitutions.

We are focused on getting back in stock as soon as possible. We know you count on us, so we apologize.

Thank you for your patience.

An Important Delivery Update from your GIANT Direct Team

Together with our customers, we’re all in on protecting our communities, so starting Tuesday March 17th, GIANT Direct will only provide Contactless deliveries for all customers in all areas until further notice. Contactless delivery means that your driver will practice social distancing during the delivery process, allowing us to continue providing the friendly service you expect.

Here’s what that will look like: your driver will place the order on your doorstep, ring your doorbell, step back 6 feet, and wait to greet you. From there, should you need assistance, the driver will then ask you to practice social distancing (6 feet between you) during the process. We regret no coupons, returns or recycling can be taken on Contactless deliveries.

Of course, we understand some customers may want to tip their driver. First, thank you - tips for our drivers are never required and always appreciated! With Contactless delivery, here are some easy ways to tip your driver if you so choose:

  • Cash tips can be left in an envelope where your driver can retrieve;
  • You can add a tip during the checkout process when submitting your order;
  • Or, contact Customer Care via phone or email and ask them to add a tip to your order.

When it comes to your Invoice, here’s how you view it online:

  • Within “My Account,” accessed by clicking on your name in the upper right part of the site, invoices (past and present) can be found within “Account History.”
  • If you are in our app, to view an Invoice, go to the “More” menu.

Please give us a shout at 800-573-2763 if you have any questions.

We’re here to help and we’re “all in.” Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Updates

Updated 3/24/2020

GIANT is continuing to make updates to help protect the health and safety of our team members and customers. The following policies and procedures, aimed at helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus, are now being enacted across GIANT, GIANT Heirloom Market and GIANT Direct. These new actions are in addition to previously announced efforts: the enhanced cleaning efforts implemented, contactless delivery, adjusted store hours from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. and a limit of two on key categories throughout the store, including paper goods and disinfectant products.

A community update from your GIANT pharmacy:
We’re here for you, implementing new policies to ensure you have the medications you need when you need them most. Beginning Wed 3/25, all in-store pharmacies will open at 6am every Wednesday to better align with our new early senior hour. Also, to support social distancing, customers can now pick up prescriptions using the GIANT Direct parking spaces at their local store. For our senior customers who cannot come into the store, a complimentary UPS delivery option is also available. For more info and to locate your nearest GIANT Pharmacy, please visit the link above.

Social Distancing In-store – At all stores, we are encouraging all team members and customers to practice social distancing, approximately 6 feet, in all areas of our store. In addition, we have added reminders to our in-store radio announcements and signage throughout the store.

Checkstand Partitions – Clear checkstand partitions will be installed at select registers, pharmacy pick-up window, customer service desk, Starbucks, and the Beer & Wine register. Checkstand partitions will be installed at all stores within the chain by the end of March at these areas to further limit contact and potential exposure.

Use of Full-Size Carts Encouraged – GIANT strongly encourages the use of full-size carts (even for small orders) to help with social distancing throughout the store.

Reusable Bags Practices - Customers who bring their own reusable bags will now have to bag their own groceries. If customers wish to use plastic bags or purchase a new reusable bag, our team members are happy to bag their purchase.

First Operating Hour – On March 19, all stores began opening from 6 a.m. – 7 a.m. to service only customers who are age 60 and older. In response to customer feedback, if a customer finds themselves immunocompromised as defined by the CDC or are accompanying an older adult as a caregiver, they won’t be turned away. Although we are not requesting an ID or physician’s note, we ask our customers to please respond appropriately to the purpose of this first hour and do the right thing for your neighbors.

Limit Your Purchases to What You Need – At GIANT, we believe we’re all in this together - and we’re here for you. Demand is high, but our supplier partners have ramped up production, trucks are coming to our stores daily, and we’re restocking as quickly as we can. In short, there’s plenty of food (and paper goods) in the supply chain. So we kindly ask that all customers limit their purchases to what they truly need right now - and refrain from buying in excess. Doing so will allow everyone to care for their family by having access to everyday essentials. We are one community and stronger together.

Contactless Shopping

Scan-it Mobile (available in select locations - see store list)
Skip the store's handheld scanner and use your own smartphone instead with the Scan It! Mobile app.

Download our app here: iOS or Google

Scan-it Express (available in select locations - see store list)
Add a payment method to your Scan-It Express lane. Also known as "frictionless checkout", Scan It! Express is one of our most contact-free options, with specific lanes in several of our stores dedicated to an entirely hands-free checkout experience.

Our app is free to download, and it offers several conveniences that will lessen contact and time away from home, like online GIANT Direct ordering and a mobile barcode for touch-free scanning of your store card.

Download our app here: iOS or Google

Deli Order Ahead
We understand that limiting your time in crowds is important right now. Deli Order Ahead is available in the GIANT app so you can place your fresh deli order from your own phone, then just zip in and pick it up. Find it in the menu of your GIANT app now, and we'll be on hand to make sure your order is ready for pickup.

In addition to our other Social Distancing measures, our Deli departments are moving to a “contactless” model. To keep customers and team members safe, customers will have to place their Deli order at the in-store kiosk or through the GIANT app. Orders can then be picked up at the designated Deli Pick-up Order area.

The GIANT Pharmacy App
Request your prescription refills right through the app, and we'll text you when they're ready. You'll be in and out of the store in a fraction of the time.

Download our app here: iOS or Google