A+ school rewards school totals

Keep track of your school's progress in GIANT's A+ School Rewards program throughout the year. You can see how much money your school has earned as well as how many cards have been designated to your school. Points are updated the first week of the following month. This list contains only those schools that have registered. If your school has not registered, please contact the school and encourage them to participate.

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Use the pull-down list below to select a city and state. Then, click the lookup button to see a list of participating schools.

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Or, if you know your school's ID number, type it in the space below. Then click the submit button to see the listing for that school.

The totals shown are actual cash awards the schools are guaranteed to receive. Schools selected by customers get a portion of the total award pool. The portion is determined by purchases made at GIANT stores and through GIANT. For every dollar spent using the GIANT Card, the school selected by that customer receives one point. At the end of each month, each school's total number of points is divided by the total number of points earned by all selected schools and then multiplied by the monthly award giveaway. All schools registered with our program earning $5 or more will receive a check for the total amount of cash earned at the end of the program. The check will be mailed to the school to use for whatever needs it has. It could be used to purchase textbooks, computers, band uniforms, etc. It's all up to the school.